No More Lame Conference Calls
The 6 Principles You Need to Lead Great Meetings

If you’re ready to lead more effective virtual and face-to-face meetings, No More Lame Conference Calls shows you how to supercharge your conference call, webinar, and virtual meeting leadership skills. Get the tools and resources you need today to lead great meetings tomorrow!

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Let Me At It!Let Me At It!
The Online, Self-Paced Learning Package to Develop Your Conference Call Leadership Style

You’ve read No More Lame Conference Calls and you’re ready to lead more effective and engaging conference calls. The Let Me At It! Program is designed to help you integrate each of the Six Principles over an eight-week period. This program has three interrelated action steps (Gotcha!, Implement Now, and Field Test) that make building your conference call leadership skills as easy as 1-2-3.

Gotcha! builds your skills effortlessly as you secretly track how other leaders conduct their conference calls. The Gotcha! Checklist makes it easy to spot what works and what doesn’t work on actual calls. When something goes wrong, the conference call leader may not know what happened, but with the Gotcha! Checklist you will!

Implement Now!
Choose how, where, and when you will build your leadership skills with this 8-week program consisting of a daily conference call leadership tip. It’s the next best thing to having Bernice and Byron there to coach you as your grow your conference call skills. Each week is devoted to a specific topic and one of the Six Principles. You will receive five audio tips over the course of each week. Listen on your computer, iPad, MP3 player, or smart phone.

Field Test!
Take the ultimate challenge when others evaluate your leadership skills using the Gotcha! Checklist. Before playing Field Test! you will select 1-5 items from the Gotcha! Checklist to focus on during your conference call. You will then select one or more participants to evaluate how well you did using the Gotcha! Checklist as the basis for their evaluation.

The quality of your conference call leadership skill is determined by how you practice. Simply put: how you practice is how you lead. The Let Me At It! Program makes leading great calls easy. Best of all, each of these tools can be used by leaders of any experience level. The more you play, the better you become.

Master the Six Principles of Conference Call Leadership on Audio CD

16 Secrets to a Great Conference Call16 Secrets to a Great Conference Call
A 30-minute Quick Start on Audio CD for leaders on the go! Immediately increase the effectiveness of your calls. Simple to learn and easy to implement, these secrets will instantly improve the quality of your conference calls. More Info


6 Principles of Powerful Conference Calls6 Principles of Powerful Conference Calls

In this powerful audio CD set, the Six Principles of Leading Powerful Conference Calls come to life as Byron Van Arsdale shows you how to apply each of the principles during eight 1-hour live recorded calls. Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned pro, this audio CD set will help you avoid the lame mistakes that untrained leaders make. For professionals, managers, and employees who want to lead more effective and engaging conference calls. More Info

Includes 16 Secrets to a Great Conference Call.


Executive Conference Call LeadershipExecutive Conference Call Leadership

This audio CD set is designed specifically for the busy executive who understands conference call basics and wants to focus exclusively on learning how to quickly apply the Six Principles. See the principles demonstrated firsthand by Byron Van Arsdale during four 1-hour live recorded calls. Mastering the Six Principles will not only transform your conference calls from “good” to “great,” it will also boost the productivity of your team and company as well! More Info

Includes 16 Secrets to a Great Conference Call.