Executive Conference Call Leadership

For executives seeking to improve their conference call leadership skills.

By nature, executives have a constant thirst to improve their skills. If you can relate, this is the product for you.

You already know how to structure a call. Executive Conference Call Leadership helps you lead more effective calls. These lessons transform you from “good” to “great”.

You get actual recordings of a 4-hour conference call with other executives, giving you virtual “case studies” for improving your conference call skills. So rather than hearing abstract theory, you’ll learn from peers — people like you who face the same high-level challenges each day.

With 17 key learning points — all focused on leadership issues — you get the ideal model for running productive conference calls. Most interestingly, you get to hear executives providing candid feedback to each other, a level of honesty that may never occur on their own calls. This is the most direct way to learn!

With Executive Conference Call Leadership, you will:

  • Accomplish more in less time.
  • Identify the three distinct needs that challenge conference call leaders.
  • Learn how to demonstrate leadership behavior over the phone.
  • Understand how to bring multi-tasking participants back in to the call.
  • Discover why speakerphones reduce the effectiveness of a conference call.
  • Improve how others perceive your skills and competency.

6 audio CDs in durable binder.
Includes recording of an 4-hour conference call, plus BONUS audio CD: 16 Secrets to a Great Conference Call
Running time: 5 hours, 20 minutes
Price: $399.00 US