Why work with a coach?
Call it “me time” in the very best way. Your coach’s sole focus is helping you meet the challenges you want to work on in an unconditionally supportive environment. Coaching allows you to achieve your leadership goals more quickly as you gain insight into to what does and does not work when you lead groups. Give yourself the gift of having someone completely focused on helping you be your absolute best.

Choose the perfect coaching program to fit your needs:

Individual Coaching:
Meet privately by telephone with your leadership coach twice per month. In each 30-minute session you will determine the specific challenges to address. Along with your coach’s guidance, you will then choose the action steps to take that will rapidly grow your leadership skills.

Group Coaching:
Meet with a small group two times per month. The group establishes the agenda at the beginning of each call. Share your leadership successes, identify specific challenges, and determine the action steps to be accomplished before the next session. Speed up your learning curve as you learn from the challenges and successes of the other leaders in your group.

Retainer Coaching:
Do you have limited time, little schedule flexibility, and a pressing need to lead effective meetings? Having an expert resource available on an “as needed” basis gives you flexibility and support at the same time. Recommended for high drive individuals that need more effective meetings yesterday!

Shadow Coaching
Shadow Coaching provides a rare opportunity for experienced leaders to be observed as they lead a conference call. Prior to the call you will work with your leadership coach to determine your desired outcomes, the strategies you will need to reach your goals, as well as your leadership challenges and strengths. After the call, your coach will candidly discuss what worked and what needs to be strengthened. Shadow Coaching is recommended for experienced leaders who need real time feedback from live conference calls.

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