6 Principles of Powerful Conference Calls

For professionals, managers, and employees who want to lead effective, engaging conference calls.

Executives don’t always lead conference calls. Someday, it might be you that’s handed this important responsibility. But don’t worry. Whether you’re a complete novice or experienced leader, you can easily learn how to lead effective and engaging conference calls. Few people have ever received training on how to lead a conference call. Most “learned” by trial and error, without a proven model. 6 Principles of Powerful Conference Calls is the first training program that teaches how to lead productive calls every time. You get actual recordings of a 8-hour conference call with other professionals, managers, and employees, giving you virtual “case studies” for improving your conference call skills. The recordings include four hours of call leadership, four hours of structure, and 33 key learning points. You’ll quickly master the fundamentals of preparation before, during, and after the call. And because you get to hear actual conference calls, you’ll hear mistakes and learn how to avoid them — before making them yourself! 6 Principles is built upon the premise that each person is a unique leader, with his/her own set of strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits. Organizations benefit from this training because it adapts to both the experienced leader and the novice. One training program meets the needs of many. With 6 Principles of Powerful Conference Calls, you will:

  • Identify potential challenges before the call. Overcome your fear of leading conference calls. Improve how others perceive your skills and competency. Accomplish more in less time. Deliver successful conference calls.
  • Gain more confidence.

10 audio CDs in durable binder
Includes recording of an 8 hour conference call
(4 hours on leadership, 4 hours on structure)
Plus BONUS CD: 16 Secrets to a Great Conference Call
Running time: 9 hours 20 minutes
Price: $299.00US